Dr Kenneth Lew’s Orthodontic Course

9 March 2017

Read what another top Hong Kong dentist, Dr Monica Chan, says about Dr Kenneth Lew’s Orthodontic Courses..

Dr Monica Chan,” Dr Kenneth Lew’s Orthodontic Course is truly informative and Dr Kenneth Lew is a very good presenter who gives practical tips about treating those orthodontic cases suitable for GP dentists.  Dr Kenneth Lew’s Diagnostic Orthodontic services ( DOES) helps me to do my treatment planning about individual cases.. this acts as a great support for every DP dentist’.

See what Dr Ron Ng ( Malaysia) says about Dr Kenneth Lew , ” Meeting amazing people with amazing Invisalign course.. THANK YOU DR KENNETH LEW FOR SHARING HIS KNOWLEDGE..” Dr Ron Ng was one of many Malaysian dentists who attended Invisalign and Dr Kenneth Lew’s first certification course in Korea (June 2016).