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Dr Kenneth Lew BDS (Singapore), MDS Orthodontics (Adelaide), FDSRCS (Edinburgh), FAMS (Singapore)
Founder, Clinical Mentor Director and board certified Specialist Orthodontist,

Dr Kenneth Lew received his Dental Degree from the National University of Singapore in 1985, his Masters with Specialty Training in Orthodontics from the University of Adelaide in 1987, his Fellowship in Dental Surgery from the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh  without examination (as a recognition of his contribution to Orthodontics) in 1992 and his Fellowship from the Academy of Medicine in Singapore in Orthodontics in 1992.

Dr Kenneth Lew graduated from dental school as the Best Clinical Student and the prestigious Cheah Cheng Kooi University medal for his final BDS examination whilst on a coveted undergraduate Public Service Commission Scholarship. He went on to his postgraduate specialist orthodontic masters degree on a National University of Singapore Postgraduate Scholarship.

WHY SEE Dr Kenneth Lew ?

Kenneth Lew’s Face and Profile-centric approach to treatment of his patients' dental 'issues'

Kenneth’s starting point as a orthodontist is that the teeth is NOT the centre of the universe, but your teeth is definitely the center of your face. Your teeth, lips, naso-labial angle ( angle between your nose and upper lip), and chin form that part of the face that draws people in towards you. Other than your eyes, no other part of your appearance has that arresting impact. So, Dr Lew said, 'I treat my patients towards an IDEAL profile'. No one should be treated to an 'average' or 'norm',.

This explains why Dr Kenneth Lew has written scholarly articles in international peer-reveiwed academic journals on the IDEAL ASIAN FACIAL PROFILE and how it can be achieved with good diagnosis and treatment planning for his patients.

When interviewed, Dr Kenneth Lew said, “I realized when I did my specialist orthodontic degree in Adelaide that Caucasian profiles were markedly different from our Asian profiles. They had sharper nasal bridges, more pronounced chin buttons, generally thinner upper and lower lip display. I noticed also, that after orthodontic treatment, whilst their teeth were brought to the ideal Class 1 occlusion, sometimes extraction moved their lips backwards further. I noticed that this visual thinning of the lips after orthodontic treatment happened to Asian patients too, though to a lesser extent.  Whilst this is definitely good for patients  who have  large or protruding lips and teeth, it is not always good for all patients." 

Dr Kenneth Lew continues, ”This thinning of the upper soft tissue lip also meant , and I observed this empirically, that these patients ended without a 'lip curl'. As to what is a lip curl, he explained, ' Your lip curl is one of the most under-rated things! But if a patient, especially a female patient has a pleasing 'S” shared lip curl from the profile view, my female patients looked younger, more feminine and appealing'.

 Interviewed, Dr Kenneth Lew said, 'What is the most important thing for you as a patient, is to choose a good orthodontist who can diagnose your in problem”. 

 In Asia, Dr Kenneth Lew elaborates, ".. many patients  have protrusive teeth ( sometimes upper only, sometimes both upper and lower teeth.  Now, we have operator-sensitive orthodontic techniques that allow me to 'move' back your protruding teeth, WITHOUT ANY EXTRACTIONS. it is crucial that I measure your xrays and study models, and clinically evaluate your hard tissue and soft tissue ( the latter means the 'flesh' and 'skin' than covers your face'.  I  measure how short you are of space in your upper  and lower arches ( upper teeth and lower teeth).  Not only that,  I need to clinically determine WHY  you teeth are short of space.  This is just a small part of my diagnosis and treatment plan for you, Results  are stable.  Technology has advance by leaps and bounds, and as your Specialist Orthodontist, the duty I owe to you, my patient, is nuanced by my sifting and understanding technology so that we use the best one for you. For example, if your maocclusion is skeletal in nature, certain orthodontic techniques give a more stable, long term result for you, as a patient. 

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