What Dentists Think?

“Thank you Dr.Kenneth Lew for your wonderful lecture. You are always teach with your attention and carefulness. Not only the lecture but also sharing us your experience. The good arrangement of the topics also make me easily understand the lecture. Thank you again for being a very good mentor.”

Dr Kwang Rinrapat, Bangkok, Thailand

“Dr.Kenneth, I would like to give a heartfelt thanks for your perseverance! You are a dedicated professional who knows how to simplify difficult case and explain to a crystal clear..you are definitely one of the best... in this whole wide world! .. . thank you for being an awesome mentor!!!”

Dr Sirijit Pothiraksanont, Bangkok, Thailand

"Dr Kenneth Lew's course, how can I forget...the way he presented his lectures from module 1-4.. so informative, clear, easy to understand (note this)... the lectures have given much improvement to my clinic. And yes, it's my pleasure to have a mentor, "dad" and friend like Dr Ken".

Dr Immilia Eka Pertiwi, Surabaya, Indonesia

"Dr Kenneth Lew has been such a fantastic dr to help me to look better.:D Thank you so much to dr and Tanglin Dental Surgeons. :D".

Sutini Goh, Indonesia

"My happy boy... Thx to great job done by Dr Kenneth Lew and team".

Lilian Suminto, Indonesia

"I was once again enlightened by Dr Kenneth Lew's lectures which has a holistic approach towards malocclussion correction which not just centered around the dentition but more crucially, the FACE".

Dr Gloria Kong, Singapore

"Attending Dr Kenneth Lew's Orthodontic courses in Hong Kong is great opportunity to bond with other dentists from all over. Dr Kenneth Lew shares his orthodontic knowledge generously, and takes a practical, clinician's approach... It increases my practice knowledge and offerings..."

Dr Keith Liew, Singapore


"...splendid pictures....logical sequence...thus giving participants clear insight...Dr Lew can relate the theory into practical aspect in a very easy to understand manner without any high sounding way of speech..."

Dr Jeffrey Pang, Hong Kong

"...Dr Kenneth Lew has made us learn orthodontics in a more easier way ... I think I indeed benefitted a lot from Dr Lew and this course."

Dr Stella Ngai, Hong Kong

"I have benefited greatly on clinical orthodontics from your (Dr Kenneth Lew's) course..."

Dr Michael Poon

"I attended and graduated from Dr Kenneth Lew's 'Basic Comprehensive Orthodontic straight wire and micro implant course'. I learnt so much from his orthodontic knowledge and experence. Dr Kenneth Lew makes orthodontics easy to understand for Go dentists... Thank you Dr Lew for making orthodontics No Longer a mystery for Gp dentists.  We can now give our patients all rounded dental care, including simple and effective braces treatment' (translated from Thai)" 

Dr Piyachat Tongpong, Bangkok, Thailand

"Dear Dr Lew, I feel so lucky to have gotten you as a teacher. I love your class from the start and never grew bored. You are such an excellent educator. We appreciate your time, your patience and your ability to simplify this difficult subject. I would thank you from the bottom of my heart." 

Dr K.K. Chou, Bangkok, Thailand

"I have been attending Dr Kenneth Lew's Orthodontic courses over the years, and just attended his self ligating brackets, DAMON course in Hong Kong... I learnt so much from Dr Kenneth Lew how to treat patients with Orthodontics, how to understand my patients... Dr Kenneth's knowledge he generously shares on EARLY childhood Orthodontics has enabled me to treat mixed dentition cases so well... Patients' parents are so happy... Thank you Dr Kenneth Lew!" 

Dr Jenny Lukito, Jakarta, Indonesia

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