You are probably on your website because you have heard or us and wish to straighten your teeth! In addition, if you have certain aesthetic desires about your smile or profile, please communicate this to our Specialist Orthodontist, eg:

  • more tooth  length showing (some people have said this  visually lengthens your face) or
  • a wider smile showing more upper teeth when smiling (this again, is thought to look more welcoming or
  • your side profile is too ‘flat’ and you wish to have more lip curl in profile or
  • your side profile is too convex and you wish to have a more regular side profile or
  • your lower jaw is too ‘long’
  • please do share your thoughts with our Specialist Orthodontist at your initial consultation, so that it can be taken into consideration when analyzing your X Rays / study models and treatment planning for you.


Are you embarrassed TO SMILE BECAUSE OF A CHIPPED TOOTH OR CROOKED TEETH? Find your teeth a little short or  do not like the shape of your tooth?

Well, tooth contouring is a relatively simple procedure  – our Tanglin Dental Surgeon dentist will be able to help you achieve the aesthetic smile you want.  Tooth contouring gives you subtle changes  with no pain involved. Often, our specialist orthodontist will ask you whether you wish to contour your teeth in conjuction with your orthodontic treatment – to achieve a higher level of aesthetics.


In Tanglin Dental Surgeons, our  teeth whitening is a chair – side procedure which our dentist will do it  for you himself. We use the In office Chairside Laser whitening system with Opalescence  and ZOOM which has shown to be able to whiten teeth by 4 to 9 shades on average in less than one hour. Your will need one session in our TDS clinic to whiten your teeth, this will take 45 minutes.

In addition, we have Home bleaching TAKE HOME OPALESCENCE regimes which are more suitable for certain types of teeth which are sensitive because of gum recession.

In your consultation with us, do share with us how your teeth got stained as  this system is able to whiten away stains caused by coffee,tea, tobacco. Results can be dramatic.

Hint – you need to properly maintain your newly whitened teeth by avoiding certain food and drink or gargling with water after drinking staining food and drink like red wine, coffee, curry!


LOOK at the mirror and smile! Yes, your teeth are looking good, but is there too much gum showing when you smile? The ideal smile should not show too much gum margin.

Our specialist periodontist will be able to contour your gum to a more pleasing look, by removing your excess gum and thus showing more of your teeth.

On the other hand, your gums may have receded (meaning that there is less gum left, and you are showing the yellowish brown roots of your teeth), have you been brushing your teeth too hard and too often? Our specialist periodontist will be able to advise what can be done.