Anti-Aging Brace-lift

Our Dr Kenneth Lew has many years of experience creating great smile, straight teeth with nice Smile Curves. He has seen his patients through various milestones in their lives.

At the same time, Dr Kenneth Lew has clinically documented and noticed that as his patients age, their faces, especially the lower mid-third, appear VISUALLY  ‘ shorter’. Observing, Dr Kenneth Lew said, ” There is a pattern of facial ageing I have noticed… the teeth, both back and front, get shorter, more ‘bitten down’. When the back teeth are worn down, this makes your lower third of your face look  shorter, more ‘compressed’.   Also, your upper teeth  tend to ‘ collapse’ inwards. This inward leaning  pattern of the teeth makes your  upper teeth ( arches) look smaller. The result – you may notice that when  you smile, you show less  upper teeth than when you were younger!’  This  makes a person look ‘eduntulous’ (  or toothless).  Cultural and media conditioning  expects us to show white, even, teeth, a wide Smile Curve.   ‘ I have patients who are perturbed by this gradual change in their teeth pattern and lower third of their faces’.

Dr Kenneth Lew added, “Not everyone ages in the same way. I have also noticed that for other patients, they start to show ‘longer teeth’ because their gums start  to recede’. Hence the term, ” LONG in the Tooth”!

What can be done?

Well, Damon braces have documented their Damon  System Bracelift. Google it. With Damon braces,   we can expand our patients arches to give them a wider, more pleasing Smile Curve.

Dr Kenneth Lew also uses  Invisalign clear aligners to widen his patients Smile Curves. This gives a welcoming, corner to corner smile that many  patients, both men and women , like.  There are also certain methods Dr Kenneth Lew uses  gently extrude your teeth to show more front teeth. Sometimes, Damons and Invisalign are used  together with designing new crowns to give you the Smile that better suits you.

Again, this is  Dr Kenneth Lew’s empirical observation  gleaned through 20years  or more of braces and aesthetic dental treatment.  A keen eye for symmetry,  with a sharp eye on function, Dr Kenneth Lew has designed smiles for many of us. Haas your life changed? Well, having healthy, and good looking smile does enhance your confidence level.  This is the first step to taking control of your life!

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