Crown and Bridges

Sometimes, we may need to fill up your tooth and a crown is necessary. Your crown will cover your entire tooth and restore it to the original size and shape. We will also discuss with you whether you may wish to cosmetically enhance the color of your crown and adjust the shape for cosmetic or functional reasons.

If you do your crown with Tanglin Dental Surgeons, you will have little interruption to your lifestyle we will provide you with an Instant Temporary Crown whilst your permanent crown is being fashioned. You will need two appointments with us:

First appointment

Our dentist will numb you with a local anaesthesia so that you will be comfortable. Then, we will shape your tooth precisely, and take a impression of your tooth to make a stone model which we will send to our dental laboratory. Whilst our laboratory is fashioning your crown, we will fit you with a Instant Temporary Crown, so that there is minimum disruption for you.

Second appointment

About 7 OR LESS days later, our dentist will remove your temporary crown and cement your new crown in. Our TDS dentist will check that you can bite comfortably, and floss easily, and that your new crown is a good match in terms of color and size with your adjacent teeth.