Implant Dentistry

Perhaps your teeth are loose, or have fallen out, and you do not wish to use a denture, which screams of “old age”! Then, our specialist dentist will suggest an alternative – dental implants to replace your lost teeth or denture.

What is this dental implant?

This dental implant, is really an artificial replacement for the root portion of your loose natural tooth, and will be anchored into a pre-drilled socket in your jawbone to support the crown, or bridge or denture.

And it is made up of?

It consists of a titanium screw, titanium being well tolerated material, and most implants will be fashioned  out of commercial grade pure titanium. There are 4 grades of titanium in use until recently, when Grade 5 titamium was introduced. Grade 5 titanium, titanium 6AL-4V (means the titanium alloy contains 6% aluminium and 4% vanadium alloy) is thought to offer similar osseo integration as commercially pure titanium , as well as enhanced tensile strength and resistence to fracture.