Invisible Lingual Braces/STB Social 6 lingual Braces

Lingual braces was invented in the mid 1980’s in response to  patients’ needs for a system that was ‘invisible’. If you use this system, our Dr Kenneth Lew will place the metal brackets on the tongue side of your upper and /or lower teeth,and a metal wire will be held in place  by these brackets. Your molars may be banded up. It is really an HIDDEN system of braces. In the 1980’s Dr Kenneth Lew was  fortunate to be the first dentist and specialist orthodontist in Singapore to be trained under thef famous Dr Takemoto and American orthodontists in the LINGUAL TASK FORCE GROUP ( Ormco). This lingual system was used to treat our patients such as models and actresses before clear, removable Invisalign system was  invented  around 2005.  As a system, it is the most challenging for  your specialist orthodontist, tends to expensive as laboratory fees are high.


When Dr Kenneth Lew was  a consultant  specialist orthodontist and senior lecturer, in National University of Singapore, he published 2 international scholarly articles on lingual orthodontics. These are  “CHANGES IN THE LIP CONTOUR FOLLOWING TREATMENT OF MAXILLARY PROTRUSION WITH ESTHETIC ORTHODONTIC APPLIANCES” ( JOURNAL OF ESTHETIC DENTISTRY, USA, VOL 4, NUMBER 1, 1992;16-23), and ‘ INITIAL ALIGNEMENT WITH .008″ PULSE  STRAIGHTENED SUPREME WILCOCK WIRE IN LINGUAL ORTHODONTICS’ ( AUSTRALIAN ORTHODONTIC JOURNAL 1991; 12 91) 53-54).


Now, said Dr Kenneth Lew, ”In response to our well-travelled patients’ esthetic requests, Tanglin Dental Surgeons now offers the STB Social 6 lingual braces system from Ormco, USA and HSA approved in Singapore. The STB Social 6 brackets are tiny, and I fix it on the tongue side of my patients crooked, front upper 6 teeth’. So, STB Social 6 system is completely hidden, and the new technology, low profile bracket that is fixed to the back of the teeth does not rub against your tongue as much as the traditional lingual system. Dr Kenneth Lew continued, ‘ your front teeth is visually the most  important, most visible when you smile. Hence the name ” Social 6 braces!’  in fact, it is whispered that Emma Watson and Kate Middleton used the Social 6 lingual braces to straighten the mildly crooked teeth.



good for mild, moderate, crowding in your upper front 6 teeth, or in 'relapse' cases, where you wore braces in the past, perhaps did not wear your retainers regularly and your upper teeth have become crooked again, shorter treatment time, completely hidden, Social 6 braces are well known in USA, UK and Australia.


still some discomfort, as initially painful for some, initial difficulty forming word with ‘s’ sound.

Please ask our Specialist Orthodontist, Dr Kenneth Lew whether you are suitable for the STB Social 6 lingual braces?

Please see brochure on STB Social 6 lingual braces.