Kids’ Braces

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that early treatment starts (Phase 1) starts  around 7 years. We are NOT recommending that ALL kids START early orthodontic treatment, but it is good, as a parent, bring your children in at this age range for his FIRST EARLY ORTHODONTIC CONSULTATION with our Specialist Orthodontist Dr Kenneth Lew. Check whether your children is persistent thumb sucker; has disharmonious jaws (lower jaw too big or too small); teeth do not bite properly; mouth breathes.


young bones are softer, easier to influence proper growth of jaws in an active growing phase; treat the issue early before it worsens with INTERCEPTIVE dento-orthopedic appliances (eg. growth modifying appliances); sometimes minimizing need to remove good permanent teeth ( in Phase 2 treatment).


young kids may not be able to cooperate fully wearing appliances; some issues are contributed by 'bad' habits; Phase 2 ( at 11 years) may still be necessary; a cost issue.

As parents, we start our kids on EARLY CHiLDHOOD EDUCATION with ENRICHMENT CLASSES because we worry aabout their future. This is also the recommended time to bring your kid in for her FIRST EARLY ORTHODONTIC CONSULTATION.

Tit-bit! Did you know that some orthodontic problems dealing with  teeth and jaws  sometimes run in families?  So , it is good to bring your children in for a consultation ..just to be sure!