Procedure of dental implant

How long will Tanglin Dental Surgeons take to fix a dental implant?

You will generally need 3 visits:

1st Consultation

To assess your suitability and take X Rays to assess the bone sufficiency and density, and take a mould for your crown.

2nd Visit

Our dentist will prepare a written treatment plan and explain it  to you. Again, we encourage you to ask questions. If you decide to ‘go ahead’, our specialist oral surgeon will surgically make an opening in your gum, drill a small hole in your jawbone and insert your implant, and stitch your gum back, for your ‘healing period’ of 4 to 6 weeks. During this period, you will use an antiseptic mouth wash.

Third visit

Your crown or bridge is fitted onto your dental implant, you will be given instructions how to take care of your implant. You are good to go!