Self Ligating Braces (Damon)

Clear Damon

Metal Damon


the Damon bracket was designed by an American orthodontist, and has a 'sliding door' mechanism which allows your archwire to move easily with minimal friction and maximum efficiency. So, this Damon system is unlike the conventional braces where your archwire is held to your brackets with rubber bands! Pros are.......with Damon Clear, it is almost invisible, shorter treatment time (sometimes shorter by up to 6 months), less visits to see our Specialist Orthodontist Dr Kenneth Lew (!), no speech impediments, more comfortable for you, quicker visible results, less food is trapped. With Damon System Bracelift, our patients notice an attractive broader smile and better facial esthetic balance!


slightly more expensive, about $8.40 a day. So, do check with us whether you are suitable for our Student Braces or Mentored Braces Programs!