Side Effects

How long will my dental implant last? Any side effects?


If you take good care, your implant could last many years, but like any other restored tooth, your implant supported tooth could suffer trauma damage, gum disease, poor oral hygiene. It is so very important for you to maintain a good oral hygiene, and you need to spend more time to floss your teeth, especially the gum area surrounding your implant. You need to come back for regular check ups. In fact, the writer has a dental implant on the lower back tooth put in 2007!

You may suffer from some temporary swelling around the implant area, and our dentist will prescribe painkillers such as paracetamol if you have no allergies.

Cons - Any complications?

Like any surgical procedure, there will be risks associated with it, such as an anaesthesia risk or infection. Some may suffer from temporary numbness or a tingling feeling in your mouth or jaw area because of the large number of nerves in your tongue, jaw, chin and lips. This is usually temporary but for some, it may be permanent.

Very rarely, the implant may not fuse well with the bone. If so, our dentist will assess whether it is necessary to take out that implant, allow the bone to heal, and thereafter, fix another implant.

There are many brands of dental implants, one such brand is Bicon.